Sunday, 1 September 2013

Monster X Radio: With Kryder Exploration 9/1/13 7PM EST

Join Shane and Johnny today on Monster X Radio. Their guests are the folks from Kryder Exploration.

You can read more at the Monster X Radio blog.

Listen to the show live here.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Skookum: The Movie

I have been hearing a lot of buzz about the new Bigfoot movie, Skookum. According to the IMDb, the movie is slated for an early October release.

Plot Summary, May 15, 2013
Skookum: The Hunt For Bigfoot:

"Deep in the Louisiana swamp lives a legend. In the fall of 2013, the legend comes to life. Many have seen, some have heard, and none have forgotten: the giant hairy creature with glowing red eyes that locals refer to as the Beast of Bayou Dorcheat. When the long dormant Bigfoot monster seemingly begins a brutal reign of terror, a glamorous talk show host, Dr. Anna Rock, must leave her highly coveted position to search for her younger sister Megan, a Bigfoot researcher, in the swampy wilderness of northern Louisiana. She reluctantly enlists the aid of her former boyfriend and his father, two of the world's most respected Bigfoot research scientists, a Native American shaman, and Cajun swamp guide Gator Boudreaux. Separated from the others during the exhaustive search for Megan, Anna ends up alone in the swamp, with only the fading light of her cell phone to guide the way. Ultimately, she must confront her own worst nightmare to find her sister and provide the key to ending the massive carnage, and face down the most dangerous creature known to man."
Written by R. Glen Brannan

Mike Wooley (Mike Wooley)
Mike’s incredible encounter with Bigfoot in North Louisiana was the inspiration for the Skookum story. Mike’s first encounter with a Bigfoot was in December 1981 while deer hunting in DeSoto Parish in North Louisiana. One afternoon about 3 pm, he was hunting near an old logging road. His deer stand was facing due north in about 12 o’clock position when a young doe deer ran up to his stand and literally laid down next to the stand. She had been running so hard that she was foaming at the mouth. He thought a big buck was chasing her and that he would get to kill him. Out of Mike’s peripheral vision, he saw something hop to a tree that was about 60 ft away.Turning to his  right he saw  a 7 foot tall, approximately 450 pound creature. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Stunned, Mike thought it was someone in a costume. After about 15 minutes,  the creature grew impatient and chased Mike back to his truck, parked along the logging road about a mile away. Since then Mike has seen approximately nine other creatures. Mike Wooley’s personal quest is to prove the existence of these creatures.

   You can find out more about the rest of the cast at the official site:

Recently, Mike Wooley was a guest on Monster X Radio. I had the pleasure of listening to the interview with Mr. Wooley and I thought he was a great guest.
  If you didn't have a chance to listen to the show, here is the archived program:

Stills from the movie:

While I was searching for more information on the upcoming movie, I found three different trailers, so I'll put all of them up. Personally, I like the third trailer the most.

Rough Cut Trailer from May 29, 2013:

Skookum Trailer:

Updated Trailer. August 28, 2013:
"College student Megan Rock vanishes during a bigfoot research trip to North Louisiana. Her sister, network anchorwoman Anna Rock, goes to look for her but becomes frustrated with stories of monsters and local legends. Before long she enlists the help of Gator, a local outdoorsman, and Dr Jeff Cameron, a nationally recognized authority on bigfoot. Together they discover that the mystery around Megan's disappearance runs deeper than Anna could ever imagine.

Skookum - The Louisiana Swamp is a perfect paradise, until the sun goes down.
Coming in 2013!"

Based on the trailers, I am looking forward to watching this movie in the dark while enjoying a big bag of popcorn.

London Trackway – Track #79

Cliff Barackman has an update on the London Trackway. This photo is from track #79.

Cliff posted this on his blog.

"Though only three toes are clearly evident in this cast (the fourth digit is there, but barely), the striations seem to indicate independent toe movement.  Like many of the other London Tracks, this one's subtleties make it beautiful." 

There is more information and photos on the track at

A Brief History
"On Sunday February 12, 2012, Max Roy of Eugene, OR took his dog for a walk at Cottage Grove Reservoir in Oregon.  While walking, Max ran into another dog-walker who told him about some bigfoot footprints a bit further up the paved logging road that paralleled the lake shore.  When Max arrived at the location, it was easy enough to find three footprints in the mud on a berm above the lake bed near the tree line.  He examined the prints in the ground, and soon became a bit spooked by the situation, and returned to his car to drive home.  That night, Max was haunted by what he had seen that day, so he returned to take a photographs of the prints on Tuesday, after his dentist encouraged him to photograph what he had seen."

If you don't know much about the history of the London Trackway, you can read more here.

Photos of cataloged prints can be found in the London Trackway Index section of Cliff's website.

About Cliff:
 "Cliff was born and raised in Long Beach, California. Throughout his youth, his interests were drawn towards both the physical and biological sciences, as well as to music. These interests later brought him to dabble in a wide variety of sciences in college before later deciding to pursue his degree in Jazz Guitar. Cliff can be heard performing guitar around the Portland area, when he’s not busy in the field. Cliff’s interest in the sciences drove him to a teaching career where he could share his love and appreciation of the natural world with young people, and particpate in the occasional sing along.
While Cliff was navigating his life, his growing interest in the bigfoot phenomena drove him to travel to other parts of the country to look into the mystery. By extensively travelling the West Coast, he found himself unsatisfied with living in Southern California and wanting to live closer to bigfoot habitat. After living in various parts of California and Washington State, he eventually settled in Portland, OR where he lives today."

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Artist Spotlight: Michael Wawrzyniec

The Bigfoot community has it's ample share of fantastic artists, and that's an understatement. Today I am featuring a very talented artists by the name of Michael Wawrzyniec.
   I first came across Michael's artwork on his Facebook page, Bigfoot Prints.

"Michael was born 1960 a son of Bill Wawrzyniec who grew up and painted wildlife in the USA AIRFORCE , and is still painting ,carving ,and studying wildlife today , and has art in Co. Wi. Ar. Nh. Va. Mi. his main subject is Deer but can do a variety of animals and people."

His brief biography and print titled 'This Is My Land' is featured at The Untapped Source. The title says it all, and the painting is highly detailed. It's one of my favourite pieces by the artist. This painting is also available as a print at Fine Art America.

 'This Is My Land' 

Here are samples of other works by Michael.

Michael is in the process of getting his artwork set up on other sites, but if you would like to contact him, you'll find his email address on Facebook at Bigfoot Prints. The link is above. If you're on Facebook, be sure to like his page. I think he also sells original paintings as well.
  If you love Bigfoot and Bigfoot collectables, these prints are moderately priced and a must have for the art lover and enthusiast.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Patterson-Gimlin Film Site Trail Camera Survey

Most of us are aware how expensive searching for Sasquatch can be. The cost of camera and audio equipment can run in to the thousands of dollars. If you're on extended visits in to the woods, then there are added costs such as gas, food, camping gear and clothing. Usually the cost of such adventures are the sole burden of those trekking through the wilderness. It's a labour of love to say the least.
  There is  a group of people who are undertaking a large project, and they are asking for your support in order to make this happen.

About the project:

"The Bluff Creek Project is an open-source volunteer project initially formed to locate the original Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film site. It consists of several project contributors who volunteered their time and gas money to complete the mountains of field work needed to confirm the site's location. We have been researching the area formally on foot since 2009. Recently, during the summer of 2011, we successfully located the original film site and completed a detailed survey of the surviving monuments and trees. This survey has been an enormous contribution to the Bigfoot research community and can now be used to exact dimensional data from the film and make accurate measurement of the creature's pathway and size."

Trail camera survey:

"The trail camera project was launched in July of 2012, and successfully raised enough money to purchase four high-end trail cameras. We committed all of our personal trail cameras to the project as well, for a total of nine cameras installed at the site. The cameras were installed in late October 2012 on the 45th anniversary of the film. The cameras spent seven months in total down at the film site, capturing the movements of Bluff Creek's inhabitants. We had a few camera failures, but all of the newly purchased cameras performed flawlessly.

We have learned many lessons and fought several battles to pull off the project. We captured hundreds of videos of bears, deer, and a cougar. I hope to publish a small research paper containing the findings and data after the completion of a total of one year of deployment of the cameras. We think that the summer and fall months are the most active for the area and wish to include them in the paper. After all, "Patty" was filmed in the PGF in late October, with reported activity preceding that in August, yet we didn't install the cameras until late October."

Screen shot from the video:

Let's pull together and help out these fine folks of the Bigfoot community! You can read up on the rest of the details by clicking the link below.
Trail Camera Survey

**UPDATE: There are many more videos showcasing the project, hosted by BFRO Researchers

There are more videos at BluffCreekProject and at Bluff Creek

Racer X

Sunday, 18 August 2013

JEVNING RESEARCH.....In Search of the Unknown

William Jevning is a 40 year veteran of the Bigfoot community, author of three books, and he was a long time friend of Rene Dahinden.
   Mr. Jevning's first experience with Bigfoot was in 1972 and he had a class A sighting in 1974. Here is his account of what happened.

 "I was 14 years old during December 1972, when a friend and I came upon large manlike footprints in the snow while we were walking to another of our friends homes. When we got to our friend John Adam's house we were very upset by what we had seen, his father told us to take him to where we found the footprints, he took a gun and camera, and after taking photographs of the tracks told us what he thought had made them. We had never heard the term "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch" before, and the idea that 7 foot hairy monsters roamed the forests near where we lived grabbed our imaginations. We went to John's house every weekend for months and had long discussions about these creatures, and went looking in the forests often, but we never saw anything more and soon forgot mostly about them. Then one evening in 1974, my collie began barking furiously toward the nearby tree line near my home." 

"I was in my room and my sister told me that two men were here to see me. Curious since at 17 I didn't know any "men" except family members. I went outside and immediately recognized Rene' Dahinden from John Green's books! he wanted to interview me and invited me to their camp as they were investigating screams and sightings in the Puyallup area 7 miles north of my home."

You can read the rest of William Jevning's encounter on Jevning Research.
   Here is a link to Amazon if you're interested in books on the subject of Sasquatch.

He also has a blog and a Facebook page if you would like to stay current with his latest information.

Racer X

Monster X Radio - Living Pterosaurs with Jonathon Whitcomb 8/18/13 7PM EST

Join the guys tonight for what will surely be another great show. The show starts at 5 P.M. PST.

"Join us as we discuss giant cryptids that could still be flying across America. Our guest will be Jonathon Whitcomb. He has authored several books and written over a thousand blog posts on the pterosaur."

Further details are on their blog: Monster X Radio

Link to the show: Blogtalk Radio

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